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We Can Beat, Defeat Covid-19

A positive song for elementary school students that teaches children the basics on

how to properly conduct yourself in school to fight the spread of the virus.



by Ben Stiefel



We can beat, defeat covid-19

If everyone does their part

We can beat, defeat covid-19

Now's the time to start


Beat, defeat covid-19

By taking action every day

'Cause when we make our school safe for everyone

We'll all cheer, hip, hip hooray


This virus can be found on many surfaces

like paper, plastic, metal and more

So after touching things that might have been exposed

Wash your hands with soap, with lather galore


repeat chorus



When you cough or sneeze, use a tissue or your sleeve

We all know, it's the right thing to do

'Cause when your cough or sneeze travels through the air

You're spreading germs, you know it's true



Keep your distance at work and play

At least six feet, that's the safest way

To keep us all healthy and virus-free

'Cause a safe school starts with you and me


repeat chorus


Hip, hip hooray - Hip, hip hooray - Hip, hip hooray

Beat, defeat covid-19 today!

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